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Nevada State Requirements

Nevada OSHA State Plan: Promoting Workplace Safety and Health in Nevada

The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) State Plan is a program implemented by the state of Nevada to protect the safety and health of workers within the state. The Nevada OSHA State Plan operates under an agreement with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known as OSHA.

Under this program, Nevada has developed its own set of occupational safety and health standards that are equivalent to, or in some cases, more stringent than the federal OSHA standards. The state plan covers both public and private sector employers and employees in Nevada.

The Nevada OSHA State Plan is responsible for enforcing workplace safety and health regulations, conducting inspections, and investigating complaints related to workplace hazards, accidents, and illnesses. The state plan also provides consultation services and educational resources to help employers and employees understand and comply with safety and health standards.

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Private sector workplaces in the state of Nevada are generally subject to the Nevada State Plan. However, there are specific exceptions, which include:

1. Maritime employment, such as shipyard employment, marine terminals, and longshoring.

2. Contract workers and contractor-operated facilities involved in United States Postal Service (USPS) mail operations.

3. Contractors and subcontractors operating on land under exclusive federal jurisdiction.

4. Private-sector employment on military facilities and bases.

5. Employment on Indian land.

6. Working conditions of aircraft cabin crewmembers aboard operating aircraft.

7. Any hazard, industry, geographical area, operation, or facility where the state lacks effective jurisdiction due to reasons unrelated to the plan's required performance or structure.

Nevada Plan Standards and Regulations

Nevada OSHA has integrated the majority of OSHA standards through reference. However, Nevada OSHA has also implemented distinct standards, which include the following:

General Industry

  • Safety Programs
  • Cranes
  • Asbestos
  • Explosives
  • Ammonium Perchlorate
  • Photovoltaic System Installation
  • Sanitation
  • Hazard Communication


  • Cranes
  • Steel Erection
  • Asbestos

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