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New Mexico State Requirements

New Mexico State Plan: Ensuring Workplace Safety through Tailored Regulations and Enforcement

New Mexico has a state OSHA plan to ensure the health and safety of workers within the state. The purpose of the state plan is to have a regulatory framework tailored to the specific needs and conditions of New Mexico's workplaces. By having its own state OSHA plan, New Mexico can enforce workplace safety standards, conduct inspections, and provide education and outreach programs to protect workers from occupational hazards. This allows the state to have greater control and flexibility in addressing local workplace safety issues and promoting a safe working environment for its residents.

The New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OSHB) is responsible for administering and enforcing workplace safety regulations in accordance with the state plan.

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The New Mexico State Plan is applicable to private sector workplaces throughout the state, excluding the following:

1. Maritime employment, including shipyard employment, marine terminals, and longshoring;

2. Contract workers and contractor-operated facilities engaged in United States Postal Service (USPS) mail operations;

3. Enforcement of occupational safety and health standards at all private sector establishments on military facilities and bases

4. The enforcement of occupational safety and health standards, as allowed by relevant laws, is not applied to tribal or private sector employment within Indian reservations and lands under the jurisdiction of a tribal government, to the extent permitted.

5. The entirety of working conditions for cabin crew members while operating on board aircraft.

A brief summary of the New Mexico State Plan is included in the Code of Federal Regulations 29 CFR 1952.20.

State Plan Standards

NM OSHA has incorporated by reference all OSHA standards that pertain to the operations of state and local government as well as private sector employers. As a result, the state and federal standards are identical. Additionally, NM OSHA has implemented the following distinctive standards:

General Industry

  • State and Local Government Firefighting
  • Workplace Violence in Convenience Stores
  • Hazard Communication


  • Hazard Communication

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